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Architectural hardware design of modulator and demodulator for galvanic coupling intra-body communication Conference paper
BMEiCON 2014 - 7th Biomedical Engineering International Conference
Authors:  Wang M.;  Wang Z.;  Li J.;  Wan F.
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carrier recovery  clock synchronization  DDS  FPGA  Hardware Design  Intra-body communication (IBC)  QPSK  
Modeling of CNC machine tool energy consumption and optimization study based on neural network and genetic algorithm Conference paper
Applied Mechanics and Materials
Authors:  Xie D.;  Chen G.;  Wan F.;  Zhu J.
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Energy optimization  Genetic algorithm  Machine tool  Modeling  Neural network  
Observer design for discrete-time nonlinear systems Conference paper
Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control
Authors:  Lin W.;  Wei J.;  Wan F.
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Discrete-time systems  Linearization  Local diffeomorphism  Nonlinear observers  Time-scaling method