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Group effect on soil arching in geogrid-reinforced pile-supported embankments Journal article
Japanese Geotechnical Society Special Publication, 2017,Volume: 5,Issue: 2,Page: 130-134
Authors:  Wan-Huan Zhou;  Jun-Yuan Lao;  Yisheng Huang;  Renpeng Chen
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Soil Arching  Group Effect  Pile-supported Embankment  Geogrid-reinforcement  Finite Element Modeling  
Three-dimensional Finite Element Modelling of Soil Arching in Pile-supported Geogrid-reinforced Embankments Conference paper
Procedia Engineering, Guimaraes, Portugal, 9 4, 2016 - 9 7, 2016
Authors:  Zhou, Wan-Huan;  Lao, Jun-Yuan;  Huang, Yisheng;  Chen, Renpeng
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One-dimensional consolidation with asymmetrical exponential drainage boundary Journal article
Geomechanics and Engineering, 2014,Volume: 6,Issue: 1,Page: 47-63
Authors:  Mei, Guo-Xiong;  Lok, Thomas M.H.;  Xia, Jun;  Wu, Sheng Shen
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Eutrophication of Main Storage Reservoir in Macau Conference paper
Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology, Rhodes, Greece, 8 – 10 September 2011
Authors:  Zhang, Wei Ying;  Lou, In Chio;  Ung, Wai Kin;  Kong, Yi Jun;  Mok, Kai Meng
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Main Storage Reservoir  Phytoplankton Abundance  Principle Component Analysis  Multiple Linear Regression  Algal Bloom  
A review of micro-biological degradation and remediation of total petroleum hydrocarbon in soil Journal article
Asian Journal of Ecotoxicology, 2008,Volume: 3,Issue: 1,Page: 1-8
Authors:  MA Qiang;  LIN Ai-jun;  MA Emma;  CHOI Derek;  SHIM Hojae;  ZHU Yong-guan
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Soil Contamination  Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon ( Tph)  Micro - Biological Degradation  Micro - Biological Remediation