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Functional THG microscopy with plasmon-resonance enhancement in silver nanoparticles Conference paper
OSA Trends in Optics and Photonics Series
Authors:  Chu S.-W.;  Chen S.-Y.;  Tsai T.-H.;  Cheng C.-C.;  Liu T.-M.;  Sun C.-K.;  Wu S.-B.;  Biring S.;  Wang J.-K.;  Wang Y.-L.
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Prostate-specific deletion of the murine Pten tumor suppressor gene leads to metastatic prostate cancer Journal article
CANCER CELL, 2003,Volume: 4,Issue: 3,Page: 209-221
Authors:  Shunyou Wang;  Jing Gao;  Qunying Lei;  Nora Rozengurt;  Colin Pritchard;  Jing Jiao;  George V. Thomas;  Gang Li;  Pradip Roy-Burman;  Peter S. Nelson;  Xin Liu;  Hong Wu
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