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Non-contacting resistivity measurement for hydration of cement-based materials Conference paper
Role of Cement Science in Sustainable Development - Proceedings of the International Symposium dedicated to Professor Fred Glasser, University of Aberdeen, Scotland
Authors:  Wei X.;  Li Z.
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Gypsum  Hemihydrate  Hydration  Non-contacting  Resistivity  
Fiber alignment and property direction dependency of FRC extrudate Journal article
Cement and Concrete Research, 2003,Volume: 33,Issue: 10,Page: 1575-1581
Authors:  Qian X.;  Zhou X.;  Mu B.;  Li Z.
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Cement  Extrusion technique  Fiber distribution  Fiber-reinforced composite  Tension  
Synthesis and characteristics of Sm 2 O 3 and Nd 2 O 3 nanoparticles Journal article
Langmuir, 2003,Volume: 19,Issue: 18,Page: 7569-7572
Authors:  Liu T.;  Zhang Y.;  Shao H.;  Li X.
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Preparation of Mg 2 Ni intermetallic compound from nanoparticles Journal article
Scripta Materialia, 2003,Volume: 49,Issue: 6,Page: 595-599
Authors:  Shao H.;  Liu T.;  Li X.;  Zhang L.
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Intermetallic compounds  Nanoparticles  Scanning electron microscopy  Transmission electron microscopy  X-ray diffraction  
Effects of mineral admixture on properties of young concrete Journal article
Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, 2003,Volume: 15,Issue: 5,Page: 435-442
Authors:  Jin X.;  Li Z.
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Admixtures  Concrete  Deformation  Tension  
Constitutive model development and microstructural topology optimisation for Nafion hydrogel membranes with ionic clustering Journal article
Journal of Biomaterials Science, Polymer Edition, 2003,Volume: 14,Issue: 11,Page: 1181-1196
Authors:  Hua Li;  Z. Yuan;  T. Y. Ng;  H. P. Lee;  K. Y. Lam;  Q. X. Wang;  Shunnian Wu;  Jie Fu;  Justin Hanes
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Na Fion Hydrogel Membrane  Constitutive Modeling  Cluster  Micro-structural Topology Optimisation  Homogenisation Method  Computational Biomems  Multi-scale Simulation  
Enhancement of aging resistance of glass fiber reinforced cement Journal article
Materials and Structures/Materiaux et Constructions, 2003,Volume: 36,Issue: 259,Page: 323-329
Authors:  Qian X.;  Shen B.;  Mu B.;  Li Z.
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Growth and characterization of PNZST thin films Conference paper
Materials Science and Engineering B: Solid-State Materials for Advanced Technology
Authors:  Zhai J.;  Li X.;  Yao Y.;  Chen H.
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Antiferroelectric thin film  Dielectric properties  Microstructure  PNZST  Sol-gel technique  
Synthesis of Fe-Al nanoparticles by hydrogen plasma-metal reaction Journal article
Journal of Physics Condensed Matter, 2003,Volume: 15,Issue: 17,Page: 2507-2513
Authors:  Liu T.;  Shao H.;  Li X.
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Oxidation behaviour of Fe 3 Al nanoparticles prepared by hydrogen plasma-metal reaction Journal article
Nanotechnology, 2003,Volume: 14,Issue: 5,Page: 542-545
Authors:  Liu T.;  Shao H.;  Li X.
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