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Formal object-oriented analysis and design of an online ticketing system Conference paper
Proceedings of the Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference and International Computer Science Conference, APSEC and ICSC, MACAO, PEOPLES R CHINA, DEC 04-07, 2001
Authors:  Li X.;  Liu Z.;  Guo Z.
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E-commerce  Formal Techniques  Liveness  Object-orientation  Safety  Uml  
The relationships between stress and strain for high-performance concrete with metakaolin Journal article
Cement and Concrete Research, 2001,Volume: 31,Issue: 11,Page: 1607-1611
Authors:  Qian X.;  Li Z.
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Concrete  Elastic moduli  Metakaolin  Relationships of stress and strain  
Dynamic property determination for early-age concrete Journal article
ACI Materials Journal, 2001,Volume: 98,Issue: 5,Page: 365-370
Authors:  Jin X.;  Li Z.
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Compressive strength  Concrete  Dynamic modulus of elasticity  Vibration  
Low levels of Sry transcripts cannot be the sole cause of B6-YTIR sex reversal Journal article
Genesis, 2001,Volume: 30,Issue: 1,Page: 7-11
Authors:  Xu X.;  Li C.;  Garrett-Beal L.;  Larson D.;  Wynshaw-Boris A.;  Deng C.-X.
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Sex determination  Sry transcription  Testis  XY sex reversal  
Research of the physical and mechanical properties of the high performance concrete with metakaolin Journal article
Jianzhu Cailiao Xuebao/Journal of Building Materials, 2001,Volume: 4,Issue: 1,Page: 75-78
Authors:  Qian X.;  Zhan S.;  Li Z.
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Concrete  High performance concrete  Kaolin  Metakaolin  Stress and strain  Uniaxial tensile  
Formal and use-case driven requirement analysis in UML Journal article
Proceedings - IEEE Computer Society's International Computer Software and Applications Conference, 2001,Page: 215-224
Authors:  Li X.;  Liu Z.;  He J.
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Conceptual Model  Incremental Model Building  Object-orientation  Uml  Use Cases  
Effect of active compounds isolated from Pteris semipinnata L on DNA topoisomerases and tyrosine protein kinase and expression of c-myc in lung adenocarcinoma cells Journal article
Chinese Journal of Cancer Research, 2001,Volume: 13,Issue: 2,Page: 105-109
Authors:  Li J.-H.;  Liang N.-C.;  Mo L.-E.;  Zhang X.;  He C.-W.
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C-myc  DNA topoisomerase  Pteris semipinnata L.  Tyrosine protein kinase  
Experimental study of a circular concrete column reinforced with a composite tube Journal article
Composites Science and Technology, 2001,Volume: 61,Issue: 13,Page: 1881-1887
Authors:  Yao J.;  Li X.;  Li Z.
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Acoustic emission  Composite tube  Ductility  Pseudo static loading  Source