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Wisdom manufacturing: new humans-computers-things collaborative manufacturing model Journal article
Jisuanji Jicheng Zhizao Xitong/Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems, CIMS, 2014,Volume: 20,Issue: 6,Page: 1490
Authors:  Yao X.-F.;  Lian Z.-T.;  Yang Y.;  Zhang Y.;  Jin H.
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Cloud manufacturing  Internet of knowledge  Internet of people  Internet of services  Internet of things  Maturity model  Wisdom manufacturing  
Phytoxicity and biodegradation of petroleum hydrocarbon contamination in soil Journal article
Chinese Journal of Environmental Engineering, 2009,Volume: 3,Issue: 3,Page: 544-548
Authors:  Ma Qiang;  Zhang Xuhong;  Lin Aijun;  Ma Wei;  Shim Hojae;  Jin Jinghua
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Petroleum Hydrocarbon  Phytotoxicty  Biodegradation