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In vitro performance of an injectable hydrogel/microsphere based immunocyte delivery system for localised anti-tumour activity Journal article
Biomaterials, 2009,Volume: 30,Issue: 36,Page: 6986-6995
Authors:  Chunming Wang;  Gerard N. Adrianus;  Nan Sheng;  Shikai Toh;  Yihong Gong;  Dong-An Wang
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Hydrogel  Microsphere  Macrophage  Cytokine  Apoptosis  Cancer Immunotherapy  
Oxidized multiwalled carbon nanotubes as an SPME Fiber coating for rapid LC-UV analysis of benzimidazole fungicides in water Journal article
Chromatographia, 2009,Volume: 70,Issue: 5-6,Page: 753-759
Authors:  Ji Y.;  Liu X.;  Jiang X.;  Huang H.;  Xu Z.;  Zhang H.;  Wang C.
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Adsorption Mechanism  Benzimidazole Fungicides  Column Liquid Chromatography  Oxidized Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes  Solid-phase Microextraction  
Biodegradation of naphthalene, phenanthrene, anthracene and pyrene by Microbacterium sp. 3-28 Journal article
Chinese Journal of Applied and Environmental Biology, 2009,Volume: 15,Issue: 3,Page: 361-366
Authors:  Wang C.;  Li D.;  Wang C.
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Biodegradation  Environmental factor  Microbacterium sp. 3-28  PAHs  Substrate concentration  
Preparation of functionalized magnetic nanoparticulate sorbents for rapid extraction of biphenolic pollutants from environmental samples Journal article
Journal of Separation Science, 2009,Volume: 32,Issue: 12,Page: 2139-2145
Authors:  Ji Y.;  Liu X.;  Guan M.;  Zhao C.;  Huang H.;  Zhang H.;  Wang C.
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Functionalized Magnetic Nanoparticles  Hplc  Magnetic Isolation  Spe  
Phase structure and electrical properties of strontium modified (Na 0.48-xK 0.48-xLi 0.04Sr x)Nb 0.89Ta 0.05Sb 0.06O 3 ceramics Journal article
Physica Status Solidi (A) Applications and Materials Science, 2009,Volume: 206,Issue: 7,Page: 1602-1605
Authors:  Zheng L.;  Wang J.;  Ming B.;  Wang C.;  Du J.;  Wu Q.
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Electron microscopy study of reaction layers between single-crystal WC particle and Ti-6Al-4V after laser melt injection Journal article
Acta Materialia, 2009,Volume: 57,Issue: 12,Page: 3606-3614
Authors:  Li L.;  Liu D.;  Chen Y.;  Wang C.;  Li F.
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Functionally Graded Materials  Laser Treatment  Metal Matrix Composites  Microstructure  Transmission Electron Microscopy  
Study of photoelectrocatalytic degradation behavior of p-nitrophenol with nano-TiO2 modified film at a rotating ring-disk electrode Journal article
Electrochemistry Communications, 2009,Volume: 11,Issue: 6,Page: 1154-1157
Authors:  Su B.;  Ma Y.;  Du Y.;  Wang C.
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Hydrodynamic Differential Pulse Voltammetry  Nano-tio2  P-nitrophenol  Photoelectrocatalysis  Rotating Ring-disk Electrode  
Controllable growth of silver nanostructures by a simple replacement reaction and their SERS studies Journal article
Solid State Sciences, 2009,Volume: 11,Issue: 6,Page: 1088-1093
Authors:  Ye W.;  Shen C.;  Tian J.;  Wang C.;  Hui C.;  Gao H.
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Open Circuit Potential-time (Ocp-t)  Replacement Reaction  Structural Evolution  Surface-enhanced Raman Scattering (Sers)  
The control of anchorage-dependent cell behavior within a hydrogel/microcarrier system in an osteogenic model Journal article
Biomaterials, 2009,Volume: 30,Issue: 12,Page: 2259-2269
Authors:  Wang C.;  Gong Y.;  Zhong Y.;  Yao Y.;  Su K.;  Wang D.-A.
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Anchorage-dependent Cells  Apoptosis  Hydrogel  Integrin  Microcarrier  Osteogenesis  
An improved injectable polysaccharide hydrogel: Modified gellan gum for long-term cartilage regeneration in vitro Journal article
Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2009,Volume: 19,Issue: 14,Page: 1968-1977
Authors:  Gong Y.;  Wang C.;  Lai R.C.;  Su K.;  Zhang F.;  Wang D.-A.
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