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Dielectric and ferroelectric properties of highly oriented (Pb,Nb)(Zr,Sn,Ti)O3 thin films grown by a sol-gel process Journal article
Applied Physics Letters, 2002,Volume: 81,Issue: 19,Page: 3621-3623
Authors:  Jiwei Z.;  Cheung M.H.;  Xu Z.K.;  Li X.;  Chen H.;  Colla E.V.;  Wu T.B.
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Dielectric properties of oriented PbZrO 3 thin films grown by sol-gel process Journal article
Journal of Applied Physics, 2002,Volume: 92,Issue: 7,Page: 3990-3994
Authors:  Zhai J.;  Yao Y.;  Li X.;  Hung T.F.;  Xu Z.K.;  Chen H.;  Colla E.V.;  Wu T.B.
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Combination of hierarchical visibility with level of detail terrain model Journal article
Jisuanji Xuebao/Chinese Journal of Computers, 2002,Volume: 25,Issue: 9,Page: 945-952
Authors:  Li S.;  Liu X.-H.;  Wang W.-C.;  Wu E.-H.
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Block culling  Hierarchical visibility  Horizon  Level of detail model  Occlusion region  
Study on the electrical properties of young concrete Journal article
Journal of Zhejinag University: Science, 2002,Volume: 3,Issue: 2,Page: 174-180
Authors:  Jin X.-Y.;  Jin N.-G.;  Li Z.-J.
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Early age  Electrical property of concrete  System of measurement