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Integration of association statistics over genomic regions using Bayesian adaptive regression splines. Journal article
Human genomics, 2003,Volume: 1,Issue: 1,Page: 20-29
Authors:  Zhang X.;  Roeder K.;  Wallstrom G.;  Devlin B.
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Synthesis and characteristics of Sm 2 O 3 and Nd 2 O 3 nanoparticles Journal article
Langmuir, 2003,Volume: 19,Issue: 18,Page: 7569-7572
Authors:  Liu T.;  Zhang Y.;  Shao H.;  Li X.
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Preparation of Mg 2 Ni intermetallic compound from nanoparticles Journal article
Scripta Materialia, 2003,Volume: 49,Issue: 6,Page: 595-599
Authors:  Shao H.;  Liu T.;  Li X.;  Zhang L.
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Intermetallic compounds  Nanoparticles  Scanning electron microscopy  Transmission electron microscopy  X-ray diffraction  
Shikonin, a component of Chinese herbal medicine, inhibits chemokine receptor function and suppresses human immunodeficiency virus type 1 Journal article
Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, 2003,Volume: 47,Issue: 9,Page: 2810-2816
Authors:  Chen X.;  Yang L.;  Zhang N.;  Turpin J.A.;  Buckheit R.W.;  Osterling C.;  Oppenheim J.J.;  Howard O.M.Z.
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Inhibitory effect of compound 6F isolated from Pteris semipinnata L. on the activity of protein kinase C in HL-60 cells Journal article
Chinese Journal of Pharmacology and Toxicology, 2003,Volume: 17,Issue: 2,Page: 81-86
Authors:  He C.-W.;  Liang N.-C.;  Mo L.-E.;  Li J.-H.;  Zhang X.
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Cytotoxicity  DNA fragmentation  Protein kinase C  Pteris semipinnata L.  
Reactive atom beam deposition of boron nitride ultrathin films and nanoparticles using borazine Journal article
Diamond and Related Materials, 2003,Volume: 12,Issue: 3-7,Page: 1103-1107
Authors:  Loh K.P.;  Fan W.Y.;  Lim C.W.;  Zhang X.;  Chen W.;  Xie X.N.;  Xu H.;  Wee A.T.S.
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Boron nitride  Chemical vapor deposition  Nanotubes  Radio-frequency plasma  
Electrical and Optical Properties of Ultra-small Carbon Nanotubes Arrayed in Channels of Zeolite Single Crystals Conference paper
Materials Transactions
Authors:  Tang Z.K.;  Li Z.M.;  Li I.L.;  Zhang X.;  Wang N.;  Wang J.;  Sheng P.
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Aligned  Optical properties  Single-walled nanotubes  Transport properties  Ultra-small  Zeolite  
Superconductivity in 4-angstrom carbon nanotubes Book
Authors:  Sheng P.;  Tang Z.K.;  Zhang L.;  Wang N.;  Zhang X.;  Wen G.H.;  Li G.D.;  Wang J.;  Chan C.T.
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