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未来的用户电力技术 Journal article
電力系統自動化, 2002,Volume: 26,Issue: 1,Page: 62-69
Authors:  严干贵;  姜齐荣;  黄民聪
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用户电力技术  固态断路器  电能质量  动态电压恢复器  超导储能  
Fundamental study of 3 dimensional pulse width modulation Conference paper
PowerCon 2002 - 2002 International Conference on Power System Technology, Proceedings, Kunming, China, OCT 13-17, 2002
Authors:  Man-Chung Wong;  Jing Tang;  Ning-Yi Dai;  Ying-Duo Han
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Active Filter  Multi-level System  Power Quality Compensator  Pulse Width Modulation  Three-phase Converter  Three-phase Four-wire System