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Organogels from unsymmetrical π-conjugated 1,3,4-oxadiazole derivatives Journal article
New Journal of Chemistry, 2013,Volume: 37,Issue: 5,Page: 1454-1460
Authors:  Zhao C.;  Wang H.;  Bai B.;  Qu S.;  Song J.;  Ran X.;  Zhang Y.;  Li M.
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Hydrazide-based organogels and liquid crystals with columnar order Journal article
New Journal of Chemistry, 2007,Volume: 31,Issue: 3,Page: 401-408
Authors:  Bai B.;  Wang H.;  Xin H.;  Zhang F.;  Long B.;  Zhang X.;  Qu S.;  Li M.
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