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Structural genomic changes underlie alternative reproductive strategies in the ruff (Philomachus pugnax) Journal article
Nature Genetics, 2015,Volume: 48,Issue: 1,Page: 84
Authors:  Lamichhaney S.;  Fan G.;  Widemo F.;  Gunnarsson U.;  Thalmann D.S.;  Hoeppner M.P.;  Kerje S.;  Gustafson U.;  Shi C.;  Zhang H.;  Chen W.;  Liang X.;  Huang L.;  Wang J.;  Liang E.;  Wu Q.;  Lee S.M.-Y.;  Xu X.;  Höglund J.;  Liu X.;  Andersson L.
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Determination of transcription factor binding Journal article
Nature Genetics, 2011,Volume: 43,Issue: 1,Page: 11-12
Authors:  Edwin Cheung;  Yijun Ruan
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Silencing of unsynapsed meiotic chromosomes in the mouse Journal article
Nature Genetics, 2005,Volume: 37,Issue: 1,Page: 41-47
Authors:  Turner J.M.A.;  Mahadevaiah S.K.;  Fernandez-Capetillo O.;  Nussenzweig A.;  Xu X.;  Deng C.-X.;  Burgoyne P.S.
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Sex–determining genes on mouse autosomes identified by linkage analysis of C57BL/6J–YPOS sex reversal Journal article
Nature Genetics, 1996,Volume: 14,Page: 206-209
Authors:  Eva M. Eicher;  Linda L. Washburn;  Nicholas J. Schork;  Barbara K. Lee;  Elaine P. Shown;  Xiaoling Xu;  Robert D. Dredge;  M. Todeane Pringle;  David C. Page
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