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Women's substance abuse and its impacts on children's early development and deviant behaviors Book
Authors:  Gao,Huan;  Liu,Jianhong
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Education for population control: Migrant children’s education under new policies in Beijing Book
Authors:  Chen,Jiaxin;  Wang,Dan;  Zhou,Yisu
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Dancing boys: High school males in dance Book
Authors:  Li,Zihao
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Brides on Sale: Taiwanese Cross-Border Marriages in a Globalizing Asia Book
New York:Peter Lang Publishing, Inc., 2015
Authors:  Todd L. Sandel
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Social Issues in China: Gender, Ethnicity, Labor, and the Environment Book
New York, NY:Springer, 2014
Authors:  Zhidong Hao;  Sheying Chen
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Environmental Issues In chIna  Social Policy In chIna  Social Issues In chIna  Labor Issues In chIna  Gender Issues In chIna  Ethnicity In chIna