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How Queensland newspapers reported public sector information reform Journal article
Media International Australia, 2017,Volume: 162,Issue: 1,Page: 90-106
Authors:  Breit,Rhonda;  Fitzgerald,Richard;  Liu,Shuang;  Neal,Regan
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Framing  Freedom Of Information  Journalism  Policy Transfer  Reform  
Cross-national invariance of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder factors in Japanese and U.S. university students Journal article
Research in Developmental Disabilities, 2011,Volume: 32,Issue: 6,Page: 2972-2980
Authors:  Davis,J. Mark;  Cheung,Shu Fai;  Takahashi,Tomone;  Shinoda,Haruo;  Lindstrom,William A.
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Adhd  Attention  Cfa  Cross-cultural  Factor Analysis