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Entering the liminal zone: Generating news with occasioned objects in live TV news reporting Journal article
Journalism Studies, 2019,Volume: 20,Issue: 8,Page: 1130-1148
作者:  Fitzgerald,Richard;  Evans,Bryn
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Categorial Inferencing  Liminal Zone  Live News Broadcasting  Membership Categorisation Analysis  News-culture-in-action  Occasioned Objects  
Analyzing New Media and Social Media as Interactive Spaces Book chapter
出自: Discours des réseaux sociaux : enjeux publics, politiques et médiatiques, Belgium:De Boeck Superieiur, 2017, 页码: 25-40
作者:  Marcel BURGER;  Joanna THORNBORROW;  Richard FITZGERALD
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Ripples of mediatization: Social media and the exposure of the pool interview Journal article
Discourse, Context and Media, 2016,Volume: 11,Page: 50-64
作者:  Rintel,Sean;  Angus,Daniel;  Fitzgerald,Richard
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Mediatization  News Commentary  Politics  Pool Interviews  Social Media  Visual Text Analytics  
Just like home: Remediation of the social in contemporary news broadcasting Journal article
Discourse, Context and Media, 2012,Volume: 1,Issue: 1,Page: 1-8
作者:  Fitzgerald,Richard;  McKay,Susan
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Broadcast News  Discourse  Furniture  Remediation  
Moral Discrepancy and Political Discourse: Accountability and the Allocation of Blame in a Political News Interview Journal article
Sociological Research Online, 2003,Volume: 8,Issue: 2
作者:  William Housley;  Richard Fitzgerald
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Accountability  Categorisation  Interaction  Moral Discrepancy  Political News Interview  
Beyond recency: The discourse of the future in BBC Radio news Journal article
Belgian Journal of English Language and Literatures, 2003,Issue: 1,Page: 61-72
作者:  Adam Jaworski;  Richard Fitzgerald;  Deborah Morris;  Dariusz Galasinski
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Speculation  Systemic Functional Linguitics  Critical Discourse Analysis  Political Power  Social-context  Ideology  Radio News  Media  Prediction