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Moderating effects of social support on job stress and turnover intentions Journal article
Journal of Hospitality Marketing and Management, 2018,Volume: 27,Issue: 7,Page: 795-810
Authors:  Fong,Lawrence Hoc Nang;  Chui,Peter Man Wai;  Cheong,Iris Sok Cheng;  Fong,Davis Ka Chio
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Casino  Gaming  Moderated Mediation  Social Support  Stress  Turnover  
Relationships among burnout, job satisfaction, and turnover intention of casino employees in Macau Journal article
JOURNAL OF HOSPITALITY MARKETING & MANAGEMENT, 2015,Volume: 24,Issue: 4,Page: 345-374
Authors:  Sow Hup Chan;  Yim King Penny Wan;  Oi Mei Kuok
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Burnout  Macau  Demographics  Exhaustion  Turnover  Job Satisfaction  China  
Perceived job insecurity, psychological capital and job attitudes: An investigation in Hong Kong Journal article
International Journal of Employment Studies, 2013,Volume: 21,Issue: 1,Page: 58-79
Authors:  Ngo, Hang-Yue;  Loi, Raymond;  Foley, Sharon
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