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Performance evaluation of rate adaptation algorithms in IEEe802.11p heterogeneous vehicular networks Conference paper
Proceedings - 15th IEEE International Conference on Mobile Ad Hoc and Sensor Systems, MASS 2018
作者:  Zekri A.;  Jia W.
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AARF-CD  CARA  Heterogeneous vehicular networks  IEEE 802.11p  Minstrel  Rate adaptation algorithm  
Hole avoiding in advance routing with Hole Recovery mechanism in Wireless Sensor Networks Journal article
Ad-Hoc and Sensor Wireless Networks, 2012,Volume: 16,Issue: 1-3,Page: 191-213
作者:  Wang T.;  Jia W.;  Wang G.;  Guo M.;  Li A.J.
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Geographic routing  Hole avoiding  Hole recovery  Wireless sensor networks