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Enhanced light output of angled sidewall light-emitting diodes with reflective silver films Journal article
Thin Solid Films, 2011,Volume: 519,Issue: 8,Page: 2504-2507
Authors:  Hui K.N.;  Hui K.S.;  Lee H.;  Hwang D.-H.;  Son Y.-G.
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Gallium nitride  High light extraction efficiency  Inclined sidewalls  Light-emitting diodes  
Static and dynamic mechanical properties of polydimethylsiloxane/carbon nanotube nanocomposites Journal article
Thin Solid Films, 2009,Volume: 517,Issue: 17,Page: 4895-4901
Authors:  Wu C.-L.;  Lin H.-C.;  Hsu J.-S.;  Yip M.-C.;  Fang W.
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Dynamic mechanical properties  Loss modulus  Nanocomposites  Storage modulus  
Electrocatalytic oxidation of hydrazine compound on electroplated Pd/WO3 film Journal article
Thin Solid Films, 2008,Volume: 516,Issue: 10,Page: 2957-2961
Authors:  Ye W.;  Yang B.;  Cao G.;  Duan L.;  Wang C.
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Anodic oxidation  Electroplating  Hydrazine  Pd/WO3 films  
Improving the efficiency of organic light emitting devices by using co-host electron transport layer Journal article
Thin Solid Films, 2006,Volume: 509,Issue: 1-2,Page: 193-196
Authors:  Choy W.C.H.;  Hui K.N.;  Fong H.H.;  Liang Y.J.;  Chui P.C.
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1,10-phenanthroline  Co-host  Electron transport  Mobility  Tris(8-hydroxyquinoline) aluminum  
Second harmonic generation in self-assembled ZnO microcrystallite thin films Journal article
Thin Solid Films, 2004,Volume: 450,Issue: 2,Page: 320-323
Authors:  Zhang X.Q.;  Tang Z.K.;  Kawasaki M.;  Ohtomo A.;  Koinuma H.
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Molecular beam epitaxy  Optical properties  Second harmonic generation  Zinc oxide  
Texture evolution of transition-metal nitride thin films by ion beam assisted deposition Journal article
Thin Solid Films, 2004,Volume: 446,Issue: 2,Page: 184-193
Authors:  Ma C.-H.;  Huang J.-H.;  Chen H.
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In-plane texture  Ion beam  Transition metal nitride  
Effect of the orientation on the ferroelectric-antiferroelectric behavior of sol-gel deposited (Pb,Nb)(Zr,Sn,Ti)O3 thin films Journal article
Thin Solid Films, 2004,Volume: 446,Issue: 2,Page: 200-204
Authors:  Zhai J.;  Li X.;  Chen H.
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Antiferroelectric thin film  Electric properties (Section A)  Phase transitions  Structural properties  
A covalently attached film based on poly(methacrylic acid)-capped Fe3O4 nanoparticles Journal article
Thin Solid Films, 2003,Volume: 429,Issue: 1-2,Page: 167-173
Authors:  Zhang H.;  Wang R.;  Zhang G.;  Yang B.
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Iron oxide  Multilayers  Nanostructures  Photo-cross-linking reaction  
Residual stress measurement in textured thin film by grazing-incidence X-ray diffraction Journal article
Thin Solid Films, 2002,Volume: 418,Issue: 2,Page: 73-78
Authors:  Ma C.-H.;  Huang J.-H.;  Chen H.
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cos 2 α sin 2 ψ method  Residual stress  Textured thin film  
Microstructural evolution and electrical property of Ta-doped SnO2 films grown on Al2O3(0001) by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition Journal article
Thin Solid Films, 2002,Volume: 405,Issue: 1-2,Page: 256-262
Authors:  Kim Y.-W.;  Lee S.W.;  Chen H.
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Epitaxy  MOCVD  SnO2  Ta-doping