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Capsaicinoids but not their analogue capsinoids lower plasma cholesterol and possess beneficial vascular activity Journal article
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 2014,Volume: 62,Issue: 33,Page: 8415-8420
Authors:  Huang W.;  Cheang W.S.;  Wang X.;  Lei L.;  Liu Y.;  Ma K.Y.;  Zheng F.;  Huang Y.;  Chen Z.-Y.
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aorta  atherosclerosis  capsaicinoids  capsinoids  cholesterol  pepper  
Evaluation of antiproliferative activities and action mechanisms of extracts from two species of ganoderma on tumor cell lines Journal article
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 2009,Volume: 57,Issue: 8,Page: 3087
Authors:  Liu Y.-W.;  Gao J.-L.;  Guan J.;  Qian Z.-M.;  Feng K.;  Li S.-P.
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Antiproliferation  Apoptosis  Cell cycle  Ganoderma lucidum  Ganoderma sinense