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Extrusion of MOC-based panel Journal article
Key Engineering Materials, 2009,Volume: 400-402,Page: 263-267
Authors:  Li X.;  Chen H.;  Chau C.;  Li Z.
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Extrusion  MOC  Rheology  
Laser Surface Modification of Various Tool Steels for Improving Hardness and Corrosion Resistance Journal article
Key Engineering Materials, 2008,Volume: 384,Page: 125-155
Authors:  C.T. Kwok;  F.T. Cheng;  H.C. Man;  K.I. Leong
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Hardness And Corrosion  Laser Surface Modification  Tool Steels  
Fatigue and electrical properties of CNT/phenolic composites under moisture-temperature effects Conference paper
Key Engineering Materials
Authors:  Yip M.-C.;  Wu H.-Y.
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Carbon nanotube  Composite materials  Fatigue  Thermal cycling  
Chemical durability investigation of magnesium phosphosilicate cement Conference paper
Key Engineering Materials
Authors:  Ding Z.;  Li Z.-J.;  Xing F.
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Chemical corrosion resistance  Durability  Fly ash  Magnesia  Microstructure  Phosphate cement  
Tensile Failure of Short Fiber-Reinforced Composites Journal article
Key Engineering Materials, 1998,Volume: 145-149,Page: 607-612
Authors:  Mu B.;  Li Z.J.
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Fiber-Reinforced Cement-Based Composites  Multiple Cracking  Tensile Strength