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Short Forms for Attitude Scales in Social Sciences: The Case of Attitude Towards Capital Punishment Journal article
JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SERVICE RESEARCH, 2017,Volume: 43,Issue: 5,Page: 635-640
Authors:  Cai, Zhihui;  Leung, Shing-On
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Capital punishment attitudes scale  short forms  the BI method  
Psychometric quality of a student evaluation of teaching survey in higher education Journal article
ASSESSMENT & EVALUATION IN HIGHER EDUCATION, 2017,Volume: 42,Issue: 5,Page: 788-800
Authors:  Oon, Pey-Tee;  Spencer, Benson;  Kam, Chester Chun Seng
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Psychometric quality  student rating survey  Rasch model  confirmatory factor analysis  
Rasch analysis for psychometric improvement of science attitude rating scales Journal article
INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SCIENCE EDUCATION, 2017,Volume: 39,Issue: 6,Page: 683-700
Authors:  Oon, Pey-Tee;  Fan, Xitao
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Psychometric information  test analysis  item analysis  Rasch analysis  attitude toward science  rating scale  science education research