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Hong Kong and Shanghai: A tale of two cities in China Journal article
Tempo Social, 2019,Volume: 30,Issue: 3,Page: 171-190
Authors:  Sheng,Li
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Competition  Competitiveness  Competitividade  Concorrência  Cooperation  Cooperação  Integration  Integração  Liderança Estratégica  Strategic Lead  
Explaining urban economic governance: The City of Macao Journal article
Cities, 2018,Volume: 61,Page: 96-108
Authors:  Sheng,Li
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Economic Diversification  Gaming Liberalization  Junket System  Social Externalities  Urban Island  
Explaining urban governance in the midst of political transformation: The city of Macao Journal article
Asia Pacific Viewpoint, 2017,Volume: 58,Issue: 3,Page: 289-300
Authors:  Sheng,Li;  Wan,Penny Yim King
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Governance Capability  Informal Institution  Political Communication  Social Groups  
The transformation of island city politics: The case of Macau Journal article
Island Studies Journal, 2016,Volume: 11,Issue: 2,Page: 521-536
Authors:  Sheng,Li
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Casino  China  Consensus Politics  Informal Politics  Island Cities  Islandness  Macau