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Cyclin B1 stability is increased by interaction with BRCA1, and its overexpression suppresses the progression of BRCA1-associated mammary tumors Journal article
Experimental and Molecular Medicine, 2018,Volume: 50,Page: 136
Authors:  Choi, Eun Kyung;  Lim, Jeong-A;  Kim, Jong Kwang;  Jang, Moon Sun;  Kim, Sun Eui;  Baek, Hye Jung;  Park, Eun Jung;  Kim, Tae Hyun;  Deng, Chu-Xia;  Wang, Rui-Hong;  Kim, Sang Soo
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Characterization of ultrashort optical pulses with third-harmonic- generation based triple autocorrelation Journal article
IEEE JOURNAL OF QUANTUM ELECTRONICS, 2002,Volume: 38,Issue: 11,Page: 1529-1535
Authors:  Liu, TM;  Huang, YC;  Chern, GW;  Lin, KH;  Hung, YC;  Lee, CJ;  Sun, CK
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Pulse Characterization  Triple Correlation  Third-harmonic Generation  
The protective role of the immunomodulator AS101 against chemotherapy-induced alopecia studies on human and animal models Journal article
International Journal of Cancer, 1996,Volume: 65,Issue: 1,Page: 97-103
Authors:  Sredni B.;  Xu R.-H.;  Albeck M.;  Gafter U.;  Gal R.;  Shani A.;  Tichler T.;  Shapira J.;  Bruderman I.;  Catane R.;  Kaufman B.;  Whisnant J.K.;  Mettinger K.L.;  Kalechman Y.
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