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Training classifiers with shadow features for sensor-based human activity recognition Journal article
Sensors (Switzerland), 2017,Volume: 17,Issue: 3
作者:  Fong S.;  Song W.;  Cho K.;  Wong R.;  Wong K.K.L.
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Classification  Feature selection  Human activity recognition  Supervised learning  
Reliability modeling and life estimation using an expectation maximization based wiener degradation model for momentum wheels Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, 2015,Volume: 45,Issue: 5,Page: 955-963
作者:  Li H.;  Pan D.;  Chen C.L.P.
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Expectation maximization (EM)  first hitting time (FHT)  momentum wheel (MW)  reliability  Wiener process  
Magnetic excitations in underdoped Ba(Fe 1-x Co x ) 2 As 2 with x=0.047 Journal article
Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 2012,Volume: 86,Issue: 2
作者:  Tucker G.S.;  Fernandes R.M.;  Li H.-F.;  Thampy V.;  Ni N.;  Abernathy D.L.;  Bud'Ko S.L.;  Canfield P.C.;  Vaknin D.;  Schmalian J.;  McQueeney R.J.
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Excitation spectrum for an inhomogeneously dipole-field-coupled superconducting qubit chain Journal article
Physical Review A - Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics, 2012,Volume: 85,Issue: 5
作者:  Ian H.;  Liu Y.-X.;  Nori F.
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Scaling study in a capacitor-driven railgun Conference paper
IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science
作者:  Zhang Y.;  Ruan J.;  Wang Y.
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Railgun  scale model  scaling  
Soft X-ray resonant scattering study of single-crystal LaSr 2Mn 2O 7 Journal article
European Physical Journal B, 2010,Volume: 74,Issue: 4,Page: 457-461
作者:  Li H.-F.;  Su Y.;  Chatterji T.;  Nefedov A.;  Persson J.;  Meuffels P.;  Xiao Y.;  Vaknin D.;  Bruckel T.
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A novel high-throughput technique for identifying monoclonal antibodies capable of death receptor induced apoptosis Journal article
Journal of Cell Death, 2009,Volume: 2009,Page: 45-51
作者:  Kwok H.F.;  Gormley J.A.;  Scott C.J.;  Johnston J.A.;  Olwill S.A.
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Annexin-V  Apoptosis  Crosslinks antibodies  Fas receptor  High throughput screening  Prodidium iodide  Therapeutic antibodies  
Triple coupling and parameter resonance in quantum optomechanics with a single atom Journal article
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, 2009,Volume: 42,Issue: 21
作者:  Chang Y.;  Ian H.;  Sun C.P.
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Noise suppression for micromechanical resonator via intrinsic dynamic feedback Journal article
Frontiers of Physics in China, 2008,Volume: 3,Issue: 3,Page: 294-305
作者:  Ian H.;  Gong Z.-R.;  Sun C.-P.
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Cooling  Fluctuations  Intrinsic feedback  
X-ray truncation rod study of Ge(001) surface roughening by molecular beam homoepitaxial growth Journal article
Journal of Applied Physics, 1996,Volume: 79,Issue: 9,Page: 6858-6864
作者:  Hong H.;  Aburano R.D.;  Chung K.-S.;  Lin D.-S.;  Hirschorn E.S.;  Chiang T.-C.;  Chen H.
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