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LEPOR: A Robust Evaluation Metric for Machine Translation with Augmented Factors Conference paper
COLING 2012: Posters, Mumbai, December 2012.
Authors:  Aaron L. F. HAN;  Derek F. WONG;  Lidia S. CHAO
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Machine Translation  Recall  Precision  Modified Length Penalty  Context-dependent N-gram Alignment  Evaluation Metric  
Cyclops - Snapshot translation system based on mobile device Journal article
Journal of Software, 2011,Volume: 6,Issue: 9,Page: 1664-1671
Authors:  Wong F.;  Chao S.;  Chan W.K.
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Chinese-english  Chinese-portuguese  Machine Translation, Constraint Syncrhonous Grammar  Mobile Device  Natural Language Processing  Ocr  Peripheral Direction Contributivity  Snapshot Translation  
Recognition of Chinese character in snapshot translation system Conference paper
ICALIP 2010 - 2010 International Conference on Audio, Language and Image Processing, Proceedings, Shanghai, China, 23-25 Nov. 2010
Authors:  Wong F.;  Chao S.;  Chan W.K.;  Li Y.P.
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Knowledge acquisition in supporting diagnosis for e-healthcare infrastructure Conference paper
2nd International Conference on Software Engineering and Data Mining, SEDM 2010, Chengdu, China, 23-25 June 2010
Authors:  Chao S.;  Wong F.
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Data Mining  Data Pre-processing  E-healthcare  Incremental Learning  Machine Learning