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Preconditioned iterative methods for space-time fractional advection-diffusion equations Journal article
Journal of Computational Physics, 2016,Volume: 319,Page: 266-279
Authors:  Zhao Z.;  Jin X.-Q.;  Lin M.M.
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Conjugate Gradient Normal Residual Method  Fast Fourier Transform  Fractional Diffusion Equations  Generalized Minimal Residual Method  Preconditioner  Toeplitz Matrix  
Some relationships between optimal preconditioner and superoptimal preconditioner Book
Authors:  Chen J.B.;  Xu Z.L.;  Jin X.Q.;  Wei Y.M.
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Optimal preconditioner  Superoptimal preconditioner  
A survey and some extensions of T. Chan's preconditioner Journal article
Linear Algebra and Its Applications, 2008,Volume: 428,Issue: 2-3,Page: 403-412
Authors:  Jin X.-Q.;  Wei Y.-M.
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Block Operator  Circulant Matrix  Point Operator  T. Chan's circulanT.precondiT.oner  T. Chan's precondiT.oner  Toeplitz Matrix  
A short note on singular values of optimal and superoptimal preconditioned matrices Journal article
International Journal of Computer Mathematics, 2007,Volume: 84,Issue: 8,Page: 1261-1263
Authors:  Jin X.-Q.;  Wei Y.-M.
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Optimal Preconditioner  Superoptimal Preconditioner  
M-preconditioner for M-matrices Conference paper
Applied Mathematics and Computation
Authors:  Jin X.-Q.
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M-matrix  PCG method  Preconditioner  
M-preconditioner for M-matrices Journal article
Applied Mathematics and Computation, 2006,Volume: 172,Issue: 2,Page: 701-707
Authors:  Xiao-qing Jin
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M-matrix  Preconditioner  Pcg Method  
A note on preconditioning for M-matrix Journal article
Applied Mathematics Letters, 2005,Volume: 18,Issue: 10,Page: 1137-1142
Authors:  Tam H.-S.;  Wei Y.-M.;  Jin X.-Q.
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M-matrix  PCG method  Preconditioner  
A generalization of T. Chan's preconditioner Journal article
Linear Algebra and Its Applications, 2005,Volume: 407,Issue: 1-3,Page: 11-18
Authors:  Cai M.-C.;  Jin X.-Q.;  Wei Y.-M.
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Hadamard Product  Pcg Method  T. Chan's precondiT.oner  
BCCB preconditioners for solving linear systems from delay differential equations Journal article
Computers and Mathematics with Applications, 2005,Volume: 50,Issue: 1-2,Page: 281-288
Authors:  Cai M.-C.;  Jin X.-Q.
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Bccb Preconditioner  Block-circulant Preconditioner  Bvm  Delay Differential Equations  Gmres Method  Toeplitz Matrix  
Preconditioning technique for symmetric M-matrices Journal article
Calcolo, 2005,Volume: 42,Issue: 2,Page: 105-113
Authors:  Jin X.-Q.;  Wei Y.-M.;  Tam H.-S.
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