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Rise of China or Western Conspiracy? A Fantasy Theme Analysis Journal article
China Media Research, 2017,Volume: 13,Issue: 2,Page: 23-36
Authors:  Mei Wu;  Wen-bo Zhu
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Understanding College Students' Physical Activities Behavior in Mobile Age: an Extension Model of the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) in WeChat Fitness Service Conference paper
Computers in Human Behavior, Fukuoka, Japan, 2016
Authors:  Zhihao Ma;  Mei Wu
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Mobile Health  Wechat Fitness Service  Theory Of Planned Behavior  Quasi-experiment  Physical Activities  
China's Crackdowns on “Internet Rumours” and “Illegal” Internet Publicity Activities Book chapter
出自: Governing Society in Contemporary China:World Scientific, 2016, 页码: 41-56
Authors:  Mei WU
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A Study on Job Cognition of Internet Pushing Hands Journal article
International Journal of Interactive Communication Systems and Technologies (IJICST), 2015,Volume: 4,Issue: 2,Page: 14-32
Authors:  Mei Wu;  Zhiqun Chen
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Internet Mercenaries and Viral Marketing: The Case of Chinese Social Media Book
Hershey, Pennsylvania:IGI Global, 2014
Authors:  Mei Wu;  Peter Jakubowicz;  Chengyu Cao
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A Study on Job Cognition of Internet Pushing Hands Journal article
International Journal of Interactive Communication Systems and Technologies (IJICST), 2014,Volume: 4,Issue: 2,Page: 14-31
Authors:  Mei Wu;  Zhiqun Chen
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E-Public Space and Online Viral Marketing: Policy Concerns over 'Pushing Hands' on the Chinese Internet Conference paper
THE INTERNET, POLICY & POLITICS CONFERENCES, University of Oxford, 2010-9-17
Authors:  Mei Wu;  Chengyu Cao
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Chinese Internet  Tuishou  Online Viral Marketing  Public Sphere  Policy  Internet Policy  
Debating China-India relations on the internet: Netizens’ dialogue for constructive international politics Journal article
Global Media and Communication, 2010,Volume: 6,Issue: 3,Page: 383-389
Authors:  Mei Wu
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Measuring political debate on the Chinese internet forum Journal article
Javnost, 2008,Volume: 15,Issue: 2,Page: 93-110
Authors:  Wu,Mei
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Alternative Channel of Information: Discussion Forums on the Chinese Internet Conference paper
GOR06 Pre-Conference Workshop Program, Bielefeld, Germany, 2006-3-22
Authors:  Mei Wu
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