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Do embedded employees voice more? Journal article
Personnel Review, 2019,Volume: 48,Issue: 3,Page: 824-838
Authors:  Alice J.M. Tan;  Raymond Loi;  Long W. Lam;  Lida L. Zhang
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Employee Voice  Fairness Heuristic Theory  Interactional Justice  Job Embeddedness  Job Embeddedness Theory  
Classroom quality and Chinese preschool Children's approaches to learning Journal article
Learning and Individual Differences, 2017,Volume: 54,Page: 51-59
Authors:  Hu,Bi Ying;  Teo,Timothy;  Nie,Youyan;  Wu,Zhongling
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Approaches to learning  China  Classroom quality  Preschool children  
Bullying Climate and School Engagement in Ninth-Grade Students Journal article
Journal of School Health, 2013,Volume: 83,Issue: 1,Page: 45
Authors:  Mehta S.B.;  Cornell D.;  Fan X.;  Gregory A.
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Bullying climate  School engagement