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An Overview of Micro-Force Sensing Techniques Journal article
Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, 2015,Volume: 234,Issue: 1,Page: 359-374
Authors:  Yuzhang Wei;  Qingsong Xu
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Micro-force Sensing  Force Sensors  Micro-assembly  Micromanipulation  
Design, Fabrication, and Testing of an MEMS Microgripper with Dual-Axis Force Sensor Journal article
IEEE Sensors Journal, 2015,Volume: 15,Issue: 10,Page: 6017
Authors:  Xu Q.
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Capacitive Force Sensor  Compliant Mechanisms  Dual-axis Force Sensing  Electrostatic Actuator  Microelectromechanical Devices  
Design and testing of a new large-range compliant gripper Conference paper
2015 IFToMM World Congress Proceedings, IFToMM 2015, Taipei, Taiwan, 10 25, 2015 - 10 30, 2015
Authors:  Xu, Qingsong
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