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The Effect of Event Supportive Service Environment and Authenticity in the Quality-Value-Satisfaction Framework Journal article
JOURNAL OF HOSPITALITY & TOURISM RESEARCH, 2018,Volume: 42,Issue: 4,Page: 563-586
Authors:  Wong, IpKin Anthony;  Ji, Mingjie;  Liu, Matthew Tingchi
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Festival  Service Environment  Authenticity  Program Quality  Perceived Value  Customer Satisfaction  
Plagiarism of Chinese Secondary School Students in Hong Kong Journal article
ETHICS & BEHAVIOR, 2018,Volume: 28,Issue: 4,Page: 316-335
Authors:  Kam, Chester Chun Seng;  Hue, Ming Tak;  Cheung, Hoi Yan
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academic honesty  cheating  Chinese  liberal studies  plagiarism  secondary school