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Translating motion events from english into chinese: An examination of literary works Book chapter
出自: Translation and Cross-Cultural Communication Studies in the Asia Pacific, 2015, 页码: 115-132
Authors:  Wang,Vincent X.
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Chinese-english translation  Equipollently-framed language  Language typology  Motion verb  Satellite-framed language  
The Report of NLP2CT for CWMT 2015 Evaluation Task Conference paper
the 11th China Workshop on Machine Translation, Hefei, Anhui, China: CIPS, 2015.9.24-25
Authors:  Wang, Yiming;  Derek F. Wong;  Lidia S. Chao;  Ben Ao;  Connie Y. Tong;  Yi Lu
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Psychometric properties of the Hong Kong Chinese (Cantonese) TEMPS-A in medical students Journal article
JOURNAL OF AFFECTIVE DISORDERS, 2015,Volume: 170,Page: 23-29
Authors:  Leung, CM;  Mak, ADP;  Xiang, YT;  Lee, S;  Yan, CTY;  Leung, T;  Bessonov, D;  Akiskal, KK;  Akiskal, HS
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Temperaments  Chinese-cantonese  Temps-a