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Persuading pariahs: Myanmar's strategic decision to pursue reform and opening Journal article
Pacific Affairs, 2016,Volume: 89,Issue: 3,Page: 521-542
Authors:  Chow,Jonathan T.;  Easley,Leif Eric
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Asean  Aung San Suu Kyi  Authoritarian Transitions  China  Myanmar/burma  Pariah States  Sanctions  
The Perils of Consensus: How ASEAN's Meta-Regime Undermines Economic and Environmental Cooperation Journal article
Review of International Political Econ, 2010,Volume: 17,Issue: 2,Page: 262-290
Authors:  Vinod K. Aggarwal;  Jonathan T. Chow
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Haze  Bilateral Trade  Asean Economic Community  Norms  Non-interference  Forest Fires  Regionalism  Afta  'noodle Bowl Regionalism'  
Perceptions of Leadership Excellence in ASEAN Nations Journal article
Leadership, 2005,Volume: 1,Issue: 3,Page: 299-322
Authors:  Robert J. Taormina;  Christopher Selvarajah
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Asean Nations  Asia  Chinese  Cross-cultural  Leadership Excellence  Strategic Management