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Molecular beam epitaxy-grown wurtzite MgS thin films for solar-blind ultra-violet detection Journal article
Applied Physics Letters, 2013,Volume: 102,Issue: 17
Authors:  Lai Y.H.;  He Q.L.;  Cheung W.Y.;  Lok S.K.;  Wong K.S.;  Ho S.K.;  Tam K.W.;  Sou I.K.
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Rocksalt MgS solar blind ultra-violet detectors Journal article
AIP Advances, 2012,Volume: 2,Issue: 1
Authors:  Lai Y.-H.;  Cheung W.-Y.;  Lok S.-K.;  Wong G.K.L.;  Ho S.-K.;  Tam K.-W.;  Sou I.-K.
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