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In Situ Grown Epitaxial Heterojunction Exhibits High-Performance Electrocatalytic Water Splitting Journal article
Advanced Materials, 2018,Volume: 30,Issue: 13
Authors:  Zhu C.;  Wang A.-L.;  Xiao W.;  Chao D.;  Zhang X.;  Tiep N.H.;  Chen S.;  Kang J.;  Wang X.;  Ding J.;  Wang J.;  Zhang H.;  Fan H.J.
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epitaxial in-growth  hydrogen evolution reaction  metal nitride arrays  nanoconfinement  oxygen evolution reaction  
Thermal cycling lives of plasma sprayed YSZ based thermal barrier coatings in a burner rig corrosion test Journal article
Surface and Coatings Technology, 2017,Volume: 324,Page: 307-317
Authors:  Kang Y.X.;  Bai Y.;  Yuan T.;  Wang Y.;  Fan W.;  Gao Y.;  Bao C.G.;  Chen H.Y.;  Li B.Q.
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CMAS  CSN oxides  Phase transformation  Sintering  Thermal barrier coatings  Through-thickness cracks  
Phase and morphology evolution study of ball milled Mg-Co hydrogen storage alloys Journal article
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2013,Volume: 38,Issue: 17,Page: 7070-7076
Authors:  Shao H.;  Matsuda J.;  Li H.-W.;  Akiba E.;  Jain A.;  Ichikawa T.;  Kojima Y.
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Ball milling  Hydrogen storage  Magnesium alloys  Phase and morphology  Scanning electron microscope (SEM)  
Local structural evolution of mechanically alloyed Mg50Co 50 using atomic pair distribution function analysis Journal article
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2011,Volume: 115,Issue: 15,Page: 7723-7728
Authors:  Kim H.;  Nakamura J.;  Shao H.;  Nakamura Y.;  Akiba E.;  Chapman K.W.;  Chupas P.J.;  Proffen T.
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Evolution from lyotropic liquid crystal to helical fibrous organogel of an achiral fluorescent twin-tapered bi-1,3,4-oxadiazole derivative Journal article
Chemistry - A European Journal, 2011,Volume: 17,Issue: 12,Page: 3512-3518
Authors:  Qu S.;  Wang L.;  Liu X.;  Li M.
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helical structures  liquid crystals  organogels  oxadiazoles  self-assembly  
SiC nanowires: A photocatalytic nanomaterial Journal article
Applied Physics Letters, 2006,Volume: 89,Issue: 1
Authors:  Zhou W.;  Yan L.;  Wang Y.;  Zhang Y.
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