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泊洛沙姆温敏凝胶共混环糊精缓释蜂胶的体外实验 Journal article
昆明医学院学报, 2011,Volume: 32,Issue: 12,Page: 14-17
Authors:  孙剑;  尹志华;  丁仲鹃;  李鹏
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云南蜂胶  Β- 环糊精  牙周缓释  泊洛沙姆  
Preparation and in vitro characterization of time-controlled matrine pellets for colonic delivery Journal article
Chinese Pharmaceutical Journal, 2009,Volume: 44,Issue: 22,Page: 1713
Authors:  Xu S.-M.;  Yang M.;  Liang X.-D.;  Wang Y.-T.;  Zheng Y.
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Colon-specific Delivery  Matrine  Pellet  Surelease  Time-controlled Release