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How to catch smoothing properties and analyticity of functions by computers? Book
作者:  Castro L.P.;  Fujiwara H.;  Qian T.;  Saitoh S.
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Analyticity  Aveiro discretization  Band preserving  Multiplyprecision  Numerical experiment  Phase retrieval  Reproducing kernel  Sobolev space  
Preconditioning Techniques for Toeplitz Systems Book
北京,中国:高等教育出版社, 2010
作者:  Jin XQ(金小庆)
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Recent Advances in Computational Mathematics Book
Somerville, Massachuestts; Beijing:International Press; Higher Education Press, 2008
作者:  Deng Ding;  Xiao-Qing Jin;  Hua-Wei Sun
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An Introduction to Iterative Toeplitz Solvers Book
3600 UNIV CITY SCIENCE CENTER, PHILADELPHIA, PA 19104-2688 USA:SIAM- Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 2007
作者:  Raymond Hon-Fu Chan;  Xiao-Qing Jin
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