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The CAT (Casino Tourism) and the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, Exhibitions): Key development considerations for the convention and exhibition industry in macao Journal article
Journal of Convention and Event Tourism, 2008,Volume: 9,Issue: 4,Page: 293
Authors:  McCartney G.
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Casino Tourism  Destination Image  Mice Tourism  Tourism Planning  
An Exploratory Study of Crisis Management in the Care-Free City of Macau Journal article
Euro Asia Journal of Management, 2005,Volume: 15,Issue: 2,Page: 133-148
Authors:  Chung, Shuk Fan;  Kong, Siew Huat
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Todaro migration and primacy models: Relevance to the urbanization of the Philippines Journal article
Cities, 1998,Volume: 15,Issue: 4,Page: 245-256
Authors:  Javier Calero Cuervo;  David H O Kim Hin
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Todaro Model  Primate City  Urbanization  Philippines