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A wideband vertical microstrip-To-microstrip transition on two dual-mode slotline resonators Conference paper
European Microwave Week 2015: "Freedom Through Microwaves", EuMW 2015 - Conference Proceedings; 2015 45th European Microwave Conference Proceedings, EuMC
Authors:  Guo X.;  Wu W.;  Zhu L.
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coupling scheme  equivalent circuit  multimode slotline resonator  offset feed  Wideband vertical transition  
Effects of second phase and defect on electrical properties in Bi 0.5Na0.5-xKxTiO3 lead-free piezoelectric ceramics Conference paper
Advanced Materials Research
Authors:  Chen P.Y.;  Chen C.S.;  Chou C.-C.;  Tseng T.-Y.;  Chen H.
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BNKT  Defect  Lead-free piezoelectric  Second phase  
Neutron Scattering Studies of LiCoPO4 & LiMnPO4 Conference paper
Journal of Physics: Conference Series
Authors:  Tian W.;  Li J.;  Li H.;  Lynn J.W.;  Zarestky J.L.;  Vaknin D.
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The microstructure characteristics and dielectric behaviors of the compositionally graded Ba(Ti,Sn)O 3 thin films Conference paper
Integrated Ferroelectrics
Authors:  Zhai J.;  Song S.;  Yao X.;  Hung T.F.;  Xu Z.;  Chen H.
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BTS thin films  Composition gradient  Sol-gel  Tunability