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Electroanalytical procedure and sorption studies for imazaquin in different soils Journal article
International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry, 2016,Volume: 96,Issue: 6,Page: 530-541
Authors:  Castanho GM;  de Toledo RA;  Shim H;  Lu QH;  Vaz CMP
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Differential Pulse Polarography  Imazaquin  Sorption  Tropical Soils  
The influence of FeSO4 and KH2PO4 on the performance of magnesium oxychloride cement Journal article
Construction and Building Materials, 2016,Volume: 102,Page: 233-238
Authors:  Li Y.;  Li Z.;  Pei H.;  Yu H.
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Magnesium oxychloride cement  Mechanical strength  Micro structure  Phosphate  Sulfate  Thermal stability  Water resistance