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A neural network forecasting system for daily air quality index in Macau Conference paper
Advances in Air Pollution, UNIV CAMBRIDGE, CAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND, JUL 24-26, 2000
Authors:  Mok K.M.;  Tam S.C.;  Yan P.;  Lam L.H.
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Design for lateral torsional buckling of coped I-beams Journal article
Journal of Constructional Steel Research, 2000,Volume: 54,Issue: 3,Page: 423-443
Authors:  C.C.Lam;  M.C.H.Yam;  V.P.Iu;  J.J.R.Cheng
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Beams  Buckling  Copes  Design  Finite Element  Lateral Torsional Buckling  Local Buckling  Steel Structures