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Role of the second extracellular loop of human C3a receptor in agonist binding and receptor function Journal article
Journal of Biological Chemistry, 1999,Volume: 274,Issue: 14,Page: 9721-9728
Authors:  Chao T.-H.;  Ember J.A.;  Wang M.;  Bayon Y.;  Hugli T.E.;  Ye R.D.
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Phosphorylation of the N-formyl peptide receptor is required for receptor internalization but not chemotaxis Journal article
Journal of Biological Chemistry, 1997,Volume: 272,Issue: 47,Page: 29426-29429
Authors:  Hsu M.H.;  Chiang S.C.;  Ye R.D.;  Prossnitz E.R.
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Binding of low affinity N-formyl peptide receptors to G protein. Characterization of a novel inactive receptor intermediate Journal article
Journal of Biological Chemistry, 1995,Volume: 270,Issue: 18,Page: 10686-10694
Authors:  Prossnitz E.R.;  Schreiber R.E.;  Bokoch G.M.;  Ye R.D.
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