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The low frequency of reported sexual dysfunction in Asian patients with schizophrenia (2001-2009): Low occurrence or ignored side effect? Journal article
Human Psychopharmacology, 2011,Volume: 26,Issue: 4-5,Page: 352-357
Authors:  Xiang Y.-T.;  Wang C.-Y.;  Si T.-M.;  Lee E.H.M.;  He Y.-L.;  Ungvari G.S.;  Chiu H.F.K.;  Yang S.-Y.;  Chong M.-Y.;  Tan C.-H.;  Kua E.-H.;  Fujii S.;  Sim K.;  Yong M.K.H.;  Trivedi J.K.;  Chung E.-K.;  Udomratn P.;  Chee K.-Y.;  Sartorius N.;  Shinfuku N.
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antipsychotic drugs  schizophrenia  sexual dysfunction  
Clinical correlates of clozapine prescription for schizophrenia in China Journal article
Human Psychopharmacology, 2007,Volume: 22,Issue: 1,Page: 17-25
Authors:  Xiang Y.-T.;  Weng Y.-Z.;  Leung C.-M.;  Tang W.-K.;  Ungvari G.S.
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China  Clozapine  Prescription patterns  Schizophrenia