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Shrunk to femtolitre: Tuning high-throughput monodisperse water-in-oil droplet arrays for ultra-small micro-reactors Journal article
Applied Physics Letters, 2012,Volume: 101,Issue: 7
作者:  Wu T.;  Hirata K.;  Suzuki H.;  Xiang R.;  Tang Z.;  Yomo T.
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Growth kinetics of GaAs nanoneedles on silicon and sapphire substrates Journal article
Applied Physics Letters, 2011,Volume: 98,Issue: 15
作者:  Dubrovskii V.G.;  Nazarenko M.V.;  Chuang L.C.;  Ko W.S.;  Ng K.W.;  Chang-Hasnain C.
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Quantitative photoacoustic tomography: Recovery of optical absorption coefficient maps of heterogeneous media Journal article
Applied Physics Letters, 2006,Volume: 88,Issue: 23
作者:  Yuan Z.;  Jiang H.
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Exciton diffusion in light-emitting organic thin films studied by photocurrent spectra Journal article
Applied Physics Letters, 2003,Volume: 83,Issue: 9,Page: 1737-1739
作者:  Yang C.L.;  Tang Z.K.;  Ge W.K.;  Wang J.N.;  Zhang Z.L.;  Jian X.Y.
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