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A Systematic Initial Study of Civic Scientific Literacy in China: Cross-National Comparable Results from Scientific Cognition to Sustainable Literacy Journal article
SUSTAINABILITY, 2018,Volume: 10,Issue: 9
Authors:  Wu, Sheng;  Zhang, Yi;  Zhuang, Zheng-Yun
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civic scientific literacy (CSL)  sustainable literacy  item response theory (IRT)  item selection  cross-national and in-country comparisons  socio-environment investigations and data analytics  
Breaking ground in cross-cultural research on the fear of being laughed at (gelotophobia): A multi-national study involving 73 countries Journal article
Humor, 2009,Volume: 22,Issue: 2018-01-02,Page: 253
Authors:  Proyer R.T.;  Ruch W.;  Ali N.S.;  Al-Olimat H.S.;  Amemiya T.;  Adal T.A.;  Ansari S.A.;  Arhar P.;  Asem G.;  Baudin N.;  Bawab S.;  Bergen D.;  Brdar I.;  Brites R.;  Brunner-Sciarra M.;  Carrell A.;  Dios H.C.;  Celik M.;  Ceschi G.;  Chang K.;  Guo-Hai C.;  Cheryomukhin A.;  Chik M.P.Y.;  Chlopicki W.;  Cranney J.;  Dahourou D.;  Doosje S.;  Dore M.;  El-Arousy N.;  Fickova E.;  Führ M.;  Gallivan J.;  Geling H.;  Germikova L.;  Giedraityte M.;  Goh A.;  González R.D.;  Ho S.K.;  Hrebícková M.;  Jaime B.;  Kaare B.H.;  Kamble S.;  Kazarian S.;  Kerkkänen P.;  Klementová M.;  Kobozeva I.M.;  Kovjanic S.;  Kumaraswamy N.;  Lampert M.;  Liao C.-C.;  Levesque M.;  Loizou E.;  Díaz Loving R.;  Lyttle J.;  MacHline V.C.;  McGoldrick S.;  McRorie M.;  Min L.;  Mõttus R.;  Munyae M.M.;  Navia C.E.;  Nkhalamba M.;  Pedrini P.P.;  Petkova M.;  Platt T.;  Popa D.-E.;  Radomska A.;  Rashid T.;  Rawlings D.;  Rubio V.J.;  Samson A.C.;  Sarid O.;  Shams S.;  Sisokohm S.;  Smári J.;  Sneddon I.;  Snikhovska I.;  Stephanenko E.A.;  Stokenberga I.;  Stuer H.;  Tanoto Y.S.R.;  Tapia L.;  Taylor J.;  Thibault P.;  Thompson A.;  Thörn H.;  Toyota H.;  Ujlaky J.;  Vanno V.;  Wang J.;  Van Der Westhuizen B.;  Wijayathilake D.;  Wong P.S.O.;  Wycoff E.B.;  Yeun E.J.
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Cross-cultural comparisons  Gelotophobia  Humor  Laughter  Multi-national study