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Highly stable tungsten disulfide supported on a self-standing nickel phosphide foam as a hybrid electrocatalyst for efficient electrolytic hydrogen evolution Journal article
NANO ENERGY, 2019,Volume: 55,Page: 193-202
Authors:  Yu, Shu Hearn;  Chen, Wenzhou;  Wang, Hongyu;  Pan, Hui;  Chua, Daniel H. C.
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Hydrogen Evolution Reaction  Tungsten Disulfide  Nickel Phosphide  Hybridized Electrocatalyst  Three-dimensional  Ni Foam  Water Splitting  
Numerical study on catalytic combustion of methane with ozone using Pd-exchanged zeolite X Journal article
Science China Chemistry, 2015,Volume: 58,Issue: 5,Page: 899-904
Authors:  Wu R.;  Chen R.;  Wang H.;  Wang Z.;  Zhu X.;  Liao Q.;  Hui K.;  Hui K.
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catalytic combustion  methane conversion  ozone  porous medium