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Position and force switching control of a piezo-driven microinjection system Conference paper
Chinese Control Conference, CCC, Chengdu, PEOPLES R CHINA, JUL 27-29, 2016
Authors:  Wang G.;  Xu Q.
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Microinjection  Piezoelectric Actuator  Position And Force Control  
Functional pairing of class B1 ligand-GPCR in cephalochordate provides evidence of the origin of PTH and PACAP/glucagon receptor family Journal article
Molecular Biology and Evolution, 2015,Volume: 32,Issue: 8,Page: 2048-2059
Authors:  On J.S.W.;  Duan C.;  Chow B.K.C.;  Lee L.T.O.
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Amphioxus  GPCR  PACAP/glucagon  PTH  
Structural and Functional Divergence of Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone Receptors in Early Sarcopterygians: Lungfish and Xenopus Journal article
PLoS ONE, 2013,Volume: 8,Issue: 1
Authors:  Tam J.K.V.;  Chow B.K.C.;  Lee L.T.O.
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Transmembrane protein 198 promotes LRP6 phosphorylation and Wnt signaling activation Journal article
Molecular and Cellular Biology, 2011,Volume: 31,Issue: 13,Page: 2577-2590
Authors:  Liang J.;  Fu Y.;  Cruciat C.-M.;  Jia S.;  Wang Y.;  Tong Z.;  Tao Q.;  Ingelfinger D.;  Boutros M.;  Meng A.;  Wu C.N.
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Trophoblast differentiation from embryonic stem cells Book chapter
出自: Human Embryonic Stem Cells:BIOS Scientific Publ, 2005
Authors:  Golos, T.;  Xu, R.-H
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Neural inhibition by c-Jun as a synergizing factor in bone morphogenetic protein 4 signaling Journal article
Neuroscience, 2002,Volume: 109,Issue: 4,Page: 657-664
Authors:  Y. PENG;  R.-H. XU;  J.-M. MEI;  X.-P. LI;  D. YAN;  H.-F. KUNG;  J. M. PHANG
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Development  Embryo  Neural Induction  Neuralization  Xenopus  
Regulation of the mRNAs encoding proteins of the BMP signaling pathway during the maternal stages of Xenopus development Journal article
Developmental Biology, 2001,Volume: 236,Issue: 1,Page: 230-243
Authors:  Ito Y.;  Sarkar P.;  Mi Q.;  Wu N.;  Bringas Jr. P.;  Liu Y.;  Reddy S.;  Maxson R.;  Deng C.;  Chai Y.
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BMP signaling  Translational control  Xenopus embryogenesis  
Transcriptional Regulation of the Xbr-1a/Xvent-2 Gene by BMP-4 Signaling during Xenopus Embryonic Development Journal article
The Korean Journal of Anatomy, 2000,Volume: 33,Issue: 5,Page: 595-608
Authors:  Kim JB;  Lee HS;  Roh DH;  Hwang YS;  Xu RH;  Kung HF;  Bae YC;  Park MJ
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Embryogenesis  Gene Transcriptional Regulation  Xbr-1a/xvent-2  Xenopus Laevis  
Maternal cold inducible RNA binding protein is required for embryonic kidney formation in Xenopus laevis Journal article
FEBS Letters, 2000,Volume: 482,Issue: 1-2,Page: 37-43
Authors:  Ying Peng;  K.H. Kok;  Ren-He Xu;  K.H.H. Kwok;  David Tay;  P.C.W. Fung;  Hsiang-fu Kung;  Marie C.M. Lin
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Cdna Cloning  Cold Inducible Rna Binding Protein  Morphogenetic Movement  Pronephros  Xenopus Laevis  
Histone acetylation is a checkpoint in FGF-stimulated mesoderm induction Journal article
Developmental Dynamics, 2000,Volume: 218,Issue: 4,Page: 628-635
Authors:  Ren‐He Xu;  Ying Peng;  Jing Fan;  Donghong Yan;  Satoshi Yamagoe;  Gerald Princler;  Dvora Sredni;  Keiko Ozato;  Hsiang‐Fu Kung
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Acetylation  Activator Protein 1  Embryo  Fgf  Histone  Mesoderm  Trichostatin a  Xenopus