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Optimized Multi-Agent Formation Control Based on an Identifier-Actor--Critic Reinforcement Learning Algorithm Journal article
IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON FUZZY SYSTEMS, 2018,Volume: 26,Issue: 5,Page: 2719-2731
Authors:  Wen, Guoxing;  Chen, C. L. Philip;  Feng, Jun;  Zhou, Ning
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Fuzzy logic systems (FLSs)  identifier-actor-critic architecture  multi-agent formation  optimized formation control  reinforcement learning (RL)  
Improved known-plaintext attack to permutation-only multimedia ciphers Journal article
INFORMATION SCIENCES, 2018,Volume: 430,Page: 228-239
Authors:  Zhang, Leo Yu;  Liu, Yuansheng;  Wang, Cong;  Zhou, Jiantao;  Zhang, Yushu;  Chen, Guanrong
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Cryptanalysis  Known-plaintext Attack (Kpa)  Multimedia Encryption  Permutation  Transposition  
Kernel Combined Sparse Representation for Disease Recognition Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, 2016,Volume: 18,Issue: 10,Page: 1956-1968
Authors:  Feng Q.;  Zhou Y.
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Collaborative Representation  Disease Recognition  Sparse Representation  
Extrachromosomal transposition of the transposable element Minos in embryos of the cricket Gryllus bimaculatus Journal article
Development Growth and Differentiation, 2002,Volume: 44,Issue: 5,Page: 409-417
Authors:  Zhang H.;  Shinmyo Y.;  Hirose A.;  Mito T.;  Inoue Y.;  Ohuchi H.;  Loukeris T.G.;  Eggleston P.;  Noji S.
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Cytoplasmic Actin Promoter  Embryos  Extrachromosomal Transposition  Gryllus Bimaculatus  Minos  
Highly toxic and broad-spectrum insecticidal Bacillus thuringiensis engineered by using the transposon Tn917 and protoplast fusion Journal article
Current Microbiology, 2001,Volume: 43,Issue: 2,Page: 112-119
Authors:  Yu J.;  Pang Y.;  Tang M.;  Xie R.;  Tan L.;  Zeng S.;  Yuan M.;  Liu J.
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