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Measuring Destination Marketing: Comparing Four Models of Advertising Conversion Journal article
JOURNAL OF TRAVEL RESEARCH, 2017,Volume: 56,Issue: 2,Page: 143-157
Authors:  Choe, Yeongbae;  Stienmetz, Jason L;  Fesenmaier, Daniel R
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Destination Marketing  Destination Advertising Response Model  Tourism Advertising  Conversion Study  
Non-response bias in tourism advertising studies: Further analyses Journal article
TOURISM ANALYSIS, 2016,Volume: 21,Issue: 2-3,Page: 293-298
Authors:  Choe, Yeongbae;  Fesenmaier, Daniel R.
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Destination Advertising  Nonresponse Bias  Conversion Study  
How Customer Experience Affects the Customer-Based Brand Equity for Tourism Destinations Journal article
Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing, 2015,Volume: 32,Page: S97-S113
Authors:  Yang,Yan;  Liu,Xiaoming;  Li,Jun
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Customer experience (CE)  customer-based brand equity for tourism destination (CBBETD)  Mainland Chinese outbound tourists  service performance  word-of-mouth (WOM)  
A scenario-based system for advertising design: Extending the destination advertising response (DAR) model Conference paper
proceedings of The 46th Travel and Tourism Research Association International Conference, Portland, Oregon, Jun. 15 – 17. 2015
Authors:  Yeongbae Choe;  Jason L. Stienmetz;  Daniel R. Fesenmaier
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Destination Advertising  Tourism Marketing  Simulation  Scenario  
Influencing Chinese travel decisions: The impact of celebrity endorsement advertising on the Chinese traveler to Macao Journal article
Journal of Vacation Marketing, 2014,Volume: 20,Issue: 3,Page: 253-266
Authors:  Glenn McCartney;  Jose Ferreira Pinto
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Celebrity Endorsement  Chinese Outbound Travel  Co-branding  Destination Selection  Social Media  
Prior experience and destination advertising response Journal article
Tourism Analysis, 2014,Volume: 19,Issue: 3,Page: 351-359
Authors:  Choe, Y.;  Stienmetz, J.L.;  Fesenmaier, D.R.
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Destination Advertising Response  Advertising Effectiveness  Conversion  
Travel Distance and Response to Destination Advertising Journal article
Tourism Analysis, 2014,Volume: 19,Issue: 4,Page: 531-539
Authors:  Yeongbae Choe;  Jason Stienmetz;  Daniel R Fesenmaier
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Conversion Studies  Advertising Effectiveness  Destination Advertising  Evaluation  
Trip budget and destination advertising response Journal article
Tourism Analysis, 2013,Volume: 18,Issue: 6,Page: 713–722
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Advertising Effectiveness  Destination Advertising  Conversion Studies  Trip Structure  
Relationships between the direct and induced effects of destination advertising Conference paper
The 44th Travel and Tourism Research Association International Conference, Kansas City, Missouri., Jun. 20 – 23. 2013
Authors:  Choe, Y.;  Fesenmaier, D.R.
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Advertising Effectiveness  Tourism Advertising  Destination Marketing Organization  Behavioral Changes  Nonlinear Models