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Preparation of CFRP with modified MWCNT to improve the mechanical properties and torsional fatigue of epoxy/polybenzoxazine copolymer Journal article
Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 2019,Volume: 118,Page: 30-40
Authors:  Chou T.Y.;  Tsai H.-Y.;  Yip M.C.
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C-scan  Hot-compression exhaust  Laminated nanocomposite  Torsional fatigue  
Prediction of low-cycle contact fatigue life of sleeve-pin-shaft connections under axial and torsional cyclic loading Journal article
International Journal of Fatigue, 2007,Volume: 29,Issue: 5,Page: 796-809
Authors:  Jen Y.-M.;  Yip M.-C.;  Wei C.-L.;  Shu G.-C.
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Biaxial loading  Contact fatigue  Crack initiation life  Critical plane approach  Fretting  
Biaxial fatigue crack initiation life prediction of solid cylindrical specimens with transverse circular holes Journal article
International Journal of Fatigue, 1996,Volume: 18,Issue: 2,Page: 111-117
Authors:  Yip M.-C.;  Jen Y.-M.
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Biaxial fatigue  Finite element method  Local strain approach  Notch