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Advancing the pharmacist’s role in promoting the appropriate and safe use of dietary supplements Journal article
Authors:  Joanna E. Harnett;  Carolina Oi Lam Ung;  Hao Hu;  Mustafa Sultani;  Shane P. Desselle
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Natural Products  Dietary Supplements  Complementary Medicine  Pharmacy  Pharmacists  Herbal Medicines: Education  Regulation  Traditional Medicine  
Resonant Dipolar Coupling of Microwaves with Confined Acoustic Vibrations in a Rod-shaped Virus Journal article
Authors:  Sun, Chi-Kuang;  Tsai, Yi-Chun;  Chen, Yi-Jan E.;  Liu, Tzu-Ming;  Chen, Hui-Yuan;  Wang, Han-Ching;  Lo, Chu-Fang
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The effects of external stakeholder pressure and ethical leadership on corporate social responsibility in China Journal article
Journal of Management & Organization,, 2015,Volume: 21,Issue: 4,Page: 388 - 410
Authors:  QING TIAN;  YAN LIU;  Jianhong Fan
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Country Or Area Studies  Institutional Theories  Corporate Social Responsibility  China  Leadership Theory  
Differentiated customer pressures and environmental policies in China Journal article
Business Strategy and the Environment, 2015,Volume: 24,Issue: 3,Page: 175-189
Authors:  Wu,Jie
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China  Customer Pressures  Environmental Policy  Stakeholder Engagement  Sustainable Development  
Overseas Customers' Environmental Expectations and Innovation Strategy of Exporting Firms Conference paper
Proceeding 2015 Asia Academy of Management (AAOM) and Taiwan Academy of Management (TAOM) Joint Conference, Hong Kong, June 22-24, 2015
Authors:  Jie Wu;  Lin Yuan
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Sustainability of Tourism Development in Macao, China Journal article
International Journal of Tourism Research, 2013,Volume: 15,Issue: 1,Page: 52
Authors:  Wan Y.K.P.;  Li X.
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China  Macao  Stakeholder theory  Sustainability  Tourism  
Audit regulatory reform with a refined stakeholder model to enhance corporate governance: Hong Kong evidence Journal article
Corporate Governance: The international journal of business in society, 2011,Volume: 11,Issue: 2,Page: 123-135
Authors:  Law,Philip
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Auditing  Corporate Governance  Financial Reporting  Pacific Region  Regulation  Stakeholder Analysis